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ATR Hours:

Monday – Friday


*Hours may vary according to event coverage

ATC Contract Coverage*

Athletic Trainer will be present at the following events:

Fall Season

  • Varsity Football: home and away games
  • JV & 9th Grade Football: home games only
  • Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer: home games only
  • Varsity Volleyball: home games only

Winter Season

  • JV/Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Hockey: home games only
  • JV/Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball: home games only
  • JV/Varsity Gymnastics: home meets only
  • JV/Varsity Wrestling: home meets only

Spring Season

  • JV/Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse: home games only
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field: home meets only
  • Varsity Baseball: home games only
  • Varsity Softball: home games only


*If multiple home events are scheduled on the same day, ATC will be at event with highest risk for injury, but will be available by radio or phone. Home events that are scheduled at different venues, an additional medical personnel will be provided upon availability.