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Multiple Teams · Football Week 2 North St. Paul

Parents and Players,
The Block is home. What an amazing way for our program to kick off the season. We went 2 for 3 against our rivals, with the varsity and JV picking up wins and with the 9th grade losing by only one score. A proud moment for me as a Coach to be able to see the seniors in this picture be rewarded for their commitment to the process and each other, persevering through tough times the last three years, but never accepting defeat.
Last week we accomplished Goal #1 for the varsity program, but as all organizations that want to be successful must do, we have to move onto week two with the same hunger and commitment to the process. One of my favorite quotes comes from JJ Watt “Success isn’t owned. It’s leased, and the rent is due every day.” On to North St. Paul.
This week school begins, and our daily focus shifts from all football, all the time, to being student athletes. We need to make sure we have our priorities in order, and take time to plan our busy schedules so that we can be the best we can be in all aspects of our lives. A message I hope parents can help me drive home is that school comes first, but that if football is an important part of their lives they will need to plan and make sacrifices to make sure that football fits high on the list. Some times the toughest choices come when we choose other things over school work, then have to sacrifice football time to make up school work. I always tell the boys to ask themselves “Is this video game more important to me than football?” If not make sure you don’t choose to play games instead of take care of school business, becasue your football will be the thing that suffers.
North St. Paul had to cancel their 9th Grade Football season. So this week the some of the JV will be combing with the 9th grade to play Thursday at North Saint Paul. This will be a team of mostly 9th/10th graders and non-varsity rotaters, who will get some time to practice together this week. This way the 9th graders can still get some needed game experience and some of the JV players who saw limited time last week can take some more reps. It is not an ideal situation, but we make the best of the cards we get.
I want to share a link that will have pictures from parents and our team photographer uploaded as much as possible.
Also there will be a Huddle Club Meeting Wednesday, parents please joins us if your schedule allows.
It is a great time to be a Knight, but like I told the players Friday at film, North St. Paul doesn’t care that we beat SLP, and we can’t let our satisfaction with that win run over into the next game. We have to stick to the process that got us here, and stay hungry for success. It is a long season that will be filled with ups and downs, and I can’t wait to be along side you for all of them.

-Coach Fuller-